We will be very happy to provide you a maintenance and service to all of our products.

Regular maintenance and polishing


Regular maintenance of newly installed floor should start 3 weeks after final finish was applied so that there is enough time for oils and waxes to dry out and harden.

Loose dust and dirt should be removed using a vacuum cleaner (use only one with a brush). Dirt that has stuck, boot marks, stains from drinks etc. are removed using a cotton mop that has been moistened in clean, warm water. Detergents can, depending on the dirtiness of the floor, be added to the water. We recommend the use of detergent called Wisch-Fix (part of the maintenance kit*) with concentration according to the instructions on the label. For polishing of larger surfaces disc polishers (FloorXcenter) with beige or white pad are used.

Wax maintenance and detergent in spray (part of the maintenance kit*) is ideal for removal of resistant stains, like grease or shoe polish stains. For the effective removal of stains, apply the Wax maintenance and detergent using a microfibre towel directly on the surface. Follow the instructions on the product label.

Important Notice: Always respect the maintenance instructions! Use products from maintenance kit only, please!!! Always use as less water as possible.
Re-polishing or re-waxing might be necessary after some time, depending on wear and tear of the floor. We recommend calling us for the maintenance service.

* Maintenance kit includes the detergent Wich-Fix and Wax maintenance and detergent in spray.




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